Thursday, October 8, 2009

Homework 8/10

A story.
It was a beautiful spring day. I've just woke up and saw my friend standing in front of me. It was Oleg. He sayed that he's going to have a rest and go to the forest with friends. I wanted to go there too. I ate some toasts, we took some with us and went to meet place. There were many people. We went to a bus and started our trip. When we get to forest we've heard a strange noise. It was like monkey screaming. But we were in Estonia, where is no monkeys. Suddenly, something took Oleg's cap and ran out. Strange, very strange. But then we saw a small funny monkey. We cought her and went to a zoo. There we gave monkey to a zoo director. He was very happy and gave us free tickets to a zoo. We walked all day and felt very tired and happy. In the evening we all felt very happy to be back home.

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