Monday, September 28, 2009

Homework 28/09/09

I was born around the turn of the century. Our family was big, and poor, so we used to live in a crowded flat. I had 2 brothers - Oleg and Marat. Marat was tailor, but he didn't study in school, so he's math was very bad and the clothes he had done was terrible. We had a lot of poor relations, which all wanted to live in our flat, but we didn't let in them.
One day i wanted to go to variety shows, but parents hadn't enought money and they didn't give me pocket money. So I stealed a big bag of candy and went selling them. I met one very rich guy and he loved candy very much, so he gave me 1000$ for this bag. I was so happy, that I forget about show, ran home and put money on the table. But i didn't think about my fault. I was a trief. I talked with parents and went to candy shop. I gave all the money to shop assistant and telled him the story. He was happy and gave me 100$ back.
When I came home, all were happy, and said me, that I had a lucky day.

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